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Moving to Firefox OS

I killed my Nexus 4 a little over a month ago. Despite my best efforts at a repair, I decided to cut my losses (that glass is expensive) and move to a cheaper

Rails Lesson

When a gem updates itself and breaks a lot of stuff, it's easier to go back to an earlier version than fight to solve all the issues at once. Although this is the

Adding to Github and Gist

After putting it off for over a year, I finally started posting abandoned projects to Github and Gist. These include a volunteer management web app I made in 2005, a project that turned

New Base Site

After years of "nothing to report," I finally updated Check it out. The goal was to make it straightforward. Appreciate any thoughts.

Government SW Development

I know this is late to the conversation by nearly two months, but I feel the need to respond to Dave Winer's "Government develops software differently" post regarding the federal health