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60% Keyboard Adventures

I built a 60% keyboard today from a kit. I'm still adjusting to the lack of arrow keys, home / end / delete keys, and a numpad. I think I will find this easier to

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day everyone. If you are like me, you see Labor Day as the natural turning point in the year. We plan the few remaining goals we have for 2016 and begin

New Look Here

Changing up the look around here. It has been over a year since the last post, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. In addition to a first year with Micah and

Strong Circle Day

June 23rd was City Year's Strong Circle Day. It's a day when former and current corps members share stories about fellow corps members that were part of their strong circle. I missed the


I have been meditating off and on for the last 12 years. It began as an assignment for a comparative religions course (don't remember the course title exactly, but it was something like

Baby Micah

Over the weekend, our second child, Micah, was born. He has his own webpage if you want to follow along with his adventures.