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Try a New Startup and Help Nepal

One of my fellow Founder Institute graduates is using her startup to help raise funds for victims of the recent earthquake in Nepal. Here is her call to action: You are all aware

FI's Startup Ecosystem Canvas

The Founder Institute released a Startup Ecosystem Canvas recently. As someone that moved from a mature startup ecosystem (Los Angeles) to a younger startup ecosystem (Bismarck, ND), it is an interesting read. I

Windows 10 on VirtualBox

A number of years ago, I attempted to run Windows on a VM within Linux. It didn't go well. I tried again with the Windows 10 Technical Preview and it works fine in

Project Management as a Profession

As I dig deeper into my dissertation research, I have been wondering whether the soft skills emerging as key to project success could help project management become a profession. Despite what PMI may

Changes, Moving, Etc.

After seven years in Southern California, it is time for a change. In an effort to move to the exact opposite climate of Los Angeles, both in terms of weather and culture, we