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Changing Careers

I'm changing careers.  After 12 years in IT project management, I'm entering an electrical apprenticeship with the Akron IBEW.  This feels like an odd, although unprecedented, move for someone in their thirties with

Farting Around

Listen: We are here on Earth to fart around. Don't let anybody tell you any different! Ran across this quote from Vonnegut's Timequake over the weekend. I generally agree. Reading more quotes from

Bees on Order

I mailed what I hope is a final bee order this morning.  Five packages are coming for this spring's installation.  Hopefully, I learned enough from last year's mistakes to keep the ladies alive

Brief Thoughts on Introversion

During my Monday morning flights, I finished Susan Cain's book Quiet.  It describes some attributes of introversion and how those attributes affect people that live in a society dominated by extroversion.  It confirmed

We Bought a Farm!

After working in various office settings for the last twelve years, I've learned I need to be outside more.  Also, I need more bees.  The three hives we had last year were not

What Happened?

So... I forgot the password to this site and eventually decided to abandon self-hosted Ghost for Ghost(Pro). After months of delay, I finally transfered all the old content tonight! It was good