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East Gate Symbolism on Palm Sunday

Today's Palm Sunday sermon mentioned Jesus entering Jerusalem through the east gate.  That triggered something in my symbol-searching mind.  I wondered if there was more to find in the fact that Jesus used

Farting Around

Listen: We are here on Earth to fart around. Don't let anybody tell you any different! Ran across this quote from Vonnegut's Timequake over the weekend. I generally agree. Reading more quotes from

Bees on Order

I mailed what I hope is a final bee order this morning.  Five packages are coming for this spring's installation.  Hopefully, I learned enough from last year's mistakes to keep the ladies alive

Brief Thoughts on Introversion

During my Monday morning flights, I finished Susan Cain's book Quiet.  It describes some attributes of introversion and how those attributes affect people that live in a society dominated by extroversion.  It confirmed

We Bought a Farm!

After working in various office settings for the last twelve years, I've learned I need to be outside more.  Also, I need more bees.  The three hives we had last year were not

What Happened?

So... I forgot the password to this site and eventually decided to abandon self-hosted Ghost for Ghost(Pro). After months of delay, I finally transfered all the old content tonight! It was good