What I'm Reading {26 November 2020}

This has been a year filled with much more reading than normal. I finally took the annual Goodreads challenge to read 52 books somewhat seriously.  I'm at 44 books right now.  Only eight to go and I have some shorties in the queue that should help.

Some recent highlights are:

  • The Ask by Sam Lipsyte had a style of writing I don't encounter much. The story itself was fine, but the writing itself was hilarious. I need to find more books like this. Quick chapters I can read during my lunch break that make me literally laugh out loud.
  • Adventures in Opting Out by Cait Flanders aligned somewhat with where I found myself when entering my career change close to two years ago. I knew the usual corporate path wasn't for me. I took an adventure to find something new. Unlike Cait, some parts of the traditional path still appealed to me (wife, kids, house, etc.), but the book was still instructive.  I recommend it to others realizing we've been sold a bag of lemons growing up and now we need a lemonade recipe.
  • Catherine House by Elisabeth Thomas is another genre I didn't really know existed before this year. Thanks to the Fantastic Strangeling's Book Club, I'm now a fan. It's just the right mix of the surreal and believable to keep me engaged and caring about the outcome.

Hopefully this becomes a recurring theme around here--both the fact that I'm reading more and that I'm writing a little about it.

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