Make More Jobs Dream Jobs

I'm a frequent reader of Robert Wringham's New Escapologist blog.  I generally agree with what he has to say about finding your way in the world.  However, I think he missed an opportunity to redefine how you find a dream job in his recent post "So Much for the Dream Job."

Referencing another article, Wringham explains how the trade-off between satisfying work and adequately compensated work is unnecessary.  Still, we see this trade-off frequently.  He provides the example of working as a park ranger because it is satisfying or occupying a bullshit job because it pays the bills.

After transitioning out of a series of bullshit jobs and into satisfying work close to two years ago, I may have a path forward.  My role is both satisfying and adequately paid.  It is a skilled trade covered by a union contract.  We need to redefine more the of the non-bullshit jobs in the world as skilled careers.  These skilled careers are prime candidates for union contracts that ensure adequate training in the skill while providing substantive pay.

This scratches the surface of what the labor movement could evolve to this century.  There's more to unpack here.  I'll have to keep digging.

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