Moving (again...)

We finally achieved a milestone in 2020.  We had a house we owned turn from "Recently Sold" to "Off Market" on Zillow.  Apparently, that takes three years.  Even though I felt like we were finally settled down, we kept a passive eye on the market.  About a month ago, six acres in our school system came up for sale.  At the same time, our fun money investments took off.  It seemed like a serendipitous coincidence and we jumped on it.  We finally have the room to do the small-scale farming trial-and-error we want while staying in the school system.

The down side is that we had no intention of moving any time soon if at all.  That means everything is scattered all over and it's much more of a chore than we wanted.  A bit of an annoyance, but it'll be worth it.

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