Moving Right Along

Now that I have a reasonable level of security, I am pleased with the continual progress I am making.  Users can now login/out, change their password, add volunteers, add projects, search for volunteers, and search for projects.  Several large hurdles still remain.  After I conquer these, I hope to officially announce the v0.1 release (and have a non-copyrighted name for it).  At this point it will be good to go for the one project we initially wanted it for.

These tasks, in the order I hope to complete them include:

  • Be able to edit the volunteers and projects users search for
  • Add additional information like emergency contacts to the users
  • Assign volunteers to projects (this one seems like it will be the most difficult programming and logically)

v0.2 will include these following features and enhancements.  At this stage, it will be good to go for trial use with all our volunteers.

  • Create reports including, but not limited to, list of volunteers for a project including all pertinent information related to that volunteer, sign-in sheets, labels, and project briefing sheets
  • Allow excel exports of volunteer data
  • Full templating of html and allow it to be all gussied up
  • Be able to "finalize" a project

v0.3 will add features for volunteers themselves to manage their volunteering, like signing up for projects and maintaining their information.  This will require an overhaul of the authentication procedure, so I am putting it off as long as possible.

That is the road-map as it stands right now.  I will maintain this list as time progresses and likely add quite a bit to it.

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