VMS Victory!

At long last, there is some VMS victory.  The log-in procedure is (finally) reasonably secure.  Hopefully I will keep believing this long enough to get some of the real work done.  We can also add volunteers and projects as of now.  Next is the edit/search for volunteers and projects functions.

Coupled with this next major upgrade, I would like to add a separate table for service partners.  Logically, this makes the most sense in the long run.  Perhaps the service partners could then be subscribed to projects much like volunteers.  They could even have notes attached to them allowing YH and CY to better coordinate who they contact.  Oh, the possibilities are limited only by how much time I have to devote to this.

Thank goodness for the snow day today and my solid twelve hours of troubleshooting and programming.  VMS, and my PHP abilities, are much better off for it.

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