Cycling and Nature

This past weekend, I reclaimed my bicycle from the icy grasp of winter and took it for a ride down Columbus' legendary Olentangy bike path.  Inspired by the promise of the MyFi I got for Christmas from CC, I hooked up the antenna and rode away.  It was novel having noise pumped into my head at my pleasure, but something was wrong.  I missed the sound of the air blowing past my ears, the sound of the birds in the woods, the sound of the water flowing over the excessively dammed river.

So, I returned to the trail today sans MyFi.  I missed XMU, but it was waiting for me when I returned.  I went further and enjoyed the experience more.  I forgot how tranquil and meditative it was to ride.  I remembered why I liked it so much.

Inspired by this experience, I've begun researching the XOBA and GOBA as fun things to do this summer.  Yee haw.

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