GradSchl Pictures

Here are the pictures from my excursion (except for the Bush school... I was much too busy to take many photos there).  I am just linking to the pictures rather than including them directly as they are larger files... I am much too lazy to convert them.:

SIUC Clocktower:  SIUC is all about this clocktower.  It annoyingly chimes a lot, but looks nice through the bare trees.

SIUC Modern Art:  This is some art on the campus that I thought looked neat, so I photographed it while waiting for my meeting with the Political Science Department.

SIUC Faner Hall:  This is the home of the Political Science Department.  A cozy, austere building... how''s that for somewhat hard to comprehend.  This tops the list of my PhD programs.  I could spend the next 4-5 years in these walls.

The Clinton School:  It looks even better than in the pictures on their website.  It is an old railroad station converted into a school.  The instruction and faculty exist on the bottom floor and President Clinton''s LR office is on the top floor.  It is an impressive structure with a great history.  If I go there, I will most likely describe it more detail later.  You can see the document depository behind the brick building.  It houses all of Clinton''s documents in five underground stories--the bottom one is still top secret and guarded for national security reasons.

Clinton Library:  Unfortunately, I did not get to go into the library.  It is feet from the school and shares the parking lot.  Someday I will go... perhaps in May or June when I am LR for cyzygy with City Year.

City Year Little Rock HQ:  CYLR is on the third floor of this building.  It is still stark, but inspiring to visit.

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