Blogging on sowedu

The Founder Institute assignment this week included, among other things, blogging on our startup's industry. This is something I imagine most of us were doing in one way or another already. However, I find blogging as a corporate entity has a slightly different feel.

Since I first started blogging in 2004 [digression: maybe early 2005?--that blog is long gone and I'm too lazy to look up the database backup--previously used online public journals for a couple years, but that doesn't count], I have blogged as myself talking, largely, to myself. This let me keep a conversational tone.

However, when I would write on behalf of an organization, it was devoid of the personal tone (e.g. reports to Congressional staffers or contract progress reports.

Blogging for a company requires me to meld these two. It's an interesting challenge. I will have to work a while to get the balance right.

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