Getting Things Done (Finally)

After being inspired by 43 Folders, I finally picked up Getting Things Done by David Allen.  In limited form, I began implementing the system soon after reading the book.  Once school starts (or I get a break from it), I plan on rereading the book to identify areas for improvement and make more detailed notes here.  Currently my system involves the following:

  • A Hipster PDA (see 43 Folders for more information),
  • Running lists of @Computer, @Home, and @Errand via GMail,
  • Two crates of Reference Files in addition to GMail reference labels, and
  • General trying to keep in perma-empty and process everything else as efficiently as I can

There is much more to Allen's overall system--many nuanced elegances--that make it so robust and useful.  As I progress through the ideas and mold a system of my own, I hope to continue to discover these clever life-hacks to a better me.

Now if I could just get R.I.V.E.R. off the Someday/Maybe list before getting married all would be moving in the right direction....

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