Passionate People

I decided to spend some time yesterday catching up on some of the blogs I haven't read in a while.  In reading Quayso's, I noticed an interesting post about passionate people.

I first stumbled across Quayso's blog several months ago while googling "City Year cult."  It was during one of my moments of disappointment and dissatisfaction with City Year.  Quayso is apparently a Corps Member at Chicago, and her views were appreciated and insightful, so I added the blog to my list of occasional reads.

The post on "passionate people" describes some of her friends and their attempts to create lives centered around a theme or passion.  She notes how vital it is to have this in one's life.  It is because of this post that I am reassured City Year serves a deeper purpose in my life.  Since a young age, the theory of helping people and society was ingrained into my being as a "higher calling."  This is why I initially sought out an AmeriCorps program after college and before graduate school.  This is the passion I will employ as a professional public servant after attending the Bush school.  This is the drive I see in so many of my colleagues this year.  This is the passion that brought them to and allows them to keep being vital members of City Year.  Passionate people drive this world.  Perhaps that is part of the path most people pursue in life.  It is to find your passion and follow it as best as you can--whether your passion is public service, raising a family, or working as a secretary.

Follow your passion and see where it takes you.

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