Maniac Magee

In a continued effort to read elementary school books, I finished Maniac Magee this morning.  While not as moving as The Giver, it was an interesting book taking a simplistic look at ideas of race, homelessness, family, and childhood.

The race relations in the book seemed superficial, but at a good level for the age I was when I read it.  At the same time, Jeffery (Maniac) appeared to have a deep understanding of his sense of homelessness and lack of a family unit.  Even though I grew up in what appeared to be a fairly functional family on the surface, I was able to identify with him.  This fact made me think more deeply about my own association with various groups in my life and question whether I am just searching for a structured family in my life--a group I can be with and feel like I belong with.  Things to ponder.

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