R.I.V.E.R. v0.1.1

R.I.V.E.R. is now to v0.1.1 -- changes and updates include:

  • cleaned-up and reorganized code to more intuitively name files for easier bug-fixing and coding in the future
  • fixed the "Do you really want to delete this record?" javascript

To v0.2:

  • Create reports including, but not limited to, list of volunteers for a project including all pertinent information related to that volunteer, sign-in sheets, labels, and project briefing sheets (preferably in easy-to-print .pdf form)
  • Allow excel exports of volunteer data
  • Full templating of html and allow it to be all gussied up
  • Be able to "finalize" a project

To v0.3 (highly updated):

  • Management of Signature Service Partner information
  • Optimization of logic in and of functions themselves.  A lot of improvement opportunities exist, I just need to sit down and make them once everything works.
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